Transportation (free of charge)

Participants can take the regular ISTA Shuttle bus from Vienna/Heiligenstadt (U4 underground) or Klosterneuburg center (Stadtplatz) to ISTA. Moreover, in the mornings and evenings an extra shuttle bus will be provided between ISTA and the hotels in Klosterneuburg or Vienna/Heiligenstadt (U4 underground).
Lastly, you can also use the public transport services. The VOR website for the public transport: If the tickets are bought directly at the bus, only cash is accepted.

Bus from Heiligenstadt to ISTA

Bus from ISTA to Heiligenstadt

Bus from Stiftsrestaurant to Heiligenstadt or ISTA (Tuesday)

*all times are indicative, please come to the bus stop in advance.

Campus map

How to get to ISTA Campus


Enjoy relaxed airport transfer with City Airport Train !

With a travel time of only 16 minutes, the CAT is the fastest non-stop connection from the airport to the city center of Vienna. Lean back and relax at our highest level of comfort, service, reliability and personal customer service on bord.

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Did you know that Vienna/Klosterneuburg can be reached from almost anywhere in Europe by climate-friendly trains or night trains?

As part of our sustainable initiative, we would like to invite you to arrive by train to our conference. Book your ticket via our ÖBB Congress account and get discount for your tickets. Valid are trips that take place max. 3 days before or after the congress.

22% congress discount for ÖBB standard fare, 10% off the international standard fare and a special price for ÖBB Nightjets.

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TAN for bookings: EZZ2V8